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@Harrell.Lib (January 2012)

The Official Newsletter of the George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library Vol. 3 (1) January, 2012

What are we doing?

Elaine Dean published an article in the Journal of Consumer Health On the Internet, volume 15(4) 2011 p. 361-347, titled "An Analysis of Online Resources for Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome."

David Brennan published an article in the Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, volume 8(4) 2011 p. 339-347 titled "Accessing Medical Subject Content Using Dynamic Links in the ILS."

David Brennan received Eaton Endowment funding to attend the Computers in Libraries conference March, 2012 in Washington, DC.

David Brennan attended a workshop at the National Agriculture Library titled "Meeting the Information Requirements of the Animal Welfare Act"  (  The workshop took place last October.

Cynthia Robinson attended the AAMC/AAHSL Annual Meeting last November 4-8, 2011 in Denver, CO.

Cynthia Robinson has accepted a Mentorship role for the NLM AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program, 2011-2012.

Cynthia Robinson has joined the Penn State University ARL Digital Libraries Federation E-Science Institute Team.  Her membership will go from July 2011 to January 2012.

Nicola Cecchino published a Book Review for Harrison's Nephrology and Acid-Base Disorders, edited by J. Larry Jameson and Joseph Loscalzo in Medical References Services Quarterly, volume 30(4) 2011 p. 433.

Seamus Carmichael presented a First Friday Lecture titled "Celtic Holiday Celebration."  He described the Holiday musical customs of Ireland.  His presentation was a collaborative effort with the Humanities Department and was held on December 2, 2011.

Kathleen Krisza has been accepted to the archival studies program in the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University.  She begins her studies April 2012. 


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Director's Note by Cynthia Robinson

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe another year has passed and we are now publishing the third volume of the library’s official newsletter, @Harrell.lib.  We hope the contents provided are both informative and useful.  If you have ideas for content or helpful suggestions to make the publication more useful, please contact the editor, Nic Cecchino, at or #8630.

On another topic, the faculty and staff of the library have spent the past 6 months updating the Harrell HSL Strategic Plan.  With the recently updated Penn State Hershey Strategic Plan we felt it was important to ensure the library’s goals and objectives aligned with the campus goals and objectives as well as those of the University Libraries and Penn State as a whole.  We also integrated a marketing plan aimed at increasing the visibility of the Harrell HSL and improving overall knowledge of the high-quality services and resources available to you, our patrons.  As a team, the Harrell HSL faculty and staff have identified 7 broad areas of focus: Services, Collections, Information Technology, Facilities, Diversity, Agility, and Sustainability.  Below are the 7 primary goals associated with each of the focus areas.

The Harrell HSL

1.       Will meet the needs of current and future students and faculty through enhanced services that inspire learning and enable discovery and delivery of information resources.

2.       Will develop excellent collections and information resources in support of scholarship, research and clinical practice at Penn State Hershey, while promoting new models of scholarly communication based on the developing cyber-infrastructure.

3.       Will pursue strategic partnerships to develop and implement innovative information technology series and systems.

4.       Will provide world-class physical space and infrastructure to advance the research, education, and clinical care missions of the institution.

5.       Will embrace diversity in thought and culture to promote the free expression of ideas among all members of the Penn State Hershey community.

6.       Will be an agile and responsive organization, continuing the role of library as central to achieving the missions of Penn State Hershey, consistent with the vision of the founding Dean, Dr. George T. Harrell.

7.       Will be good stewards of environmental resources.

Under each of these goals we have identified strategies designed to help us move forward and meet these goals.  We have also included assessment strategies to measure effectiveness and outcomes.  For a copy of the complete George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library Strategic Plan 2012-2015, including strategies and the marketing plan, visit the library’s website at  Quoting G.T. Freeman “The library is the only centralized location where new and emerging information technologies can be combined with traditional knowledge resources in a user-focused, service-rich environment that supports today’s social and educational patterns of learning, teaching, and research.”[1] 

Cynthia Robinson                                                                                                                  



[1] Freeman, G.T., The Library as Place: Changes in Learning Patterns, Collections, Technology, and Use. In Library as Place: Rethinking Roles, Rethinking Space.  Council on Library and Information Resources, 2005.

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