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How Do I Maintain My Bibliography?

Maintaining Department or Group Publications


How do I maintain publications for a department or group of people?


As you can see from this guide, many of the systems available to aggregate publications are designed for individuals.  Since research is dynamic, there is always a need to update the information to remain current. 

The easiest way for a Penn State researcher to view departmental data is to find the desired unit in the Penn State hierarchy within Pure.  If you are interested in seeing how your group or department compares to another using recent publication data, see the description of SciVal below.

Another option for following the output of researchers in a group is to capture links to each person's public profile in any of the tools described here.  One example is to collect author identifiers (e.g. Scopus author IDs) and run a search of publications from each of the people in the group.  Included in this guide are features available in each resource and whether or not the tool allows proxy access to maintain the accounts.  Determination of which features you find most useful will help determine which tools you recommend your group employ. 




Penn State subscribes to SciVal.  Can SciVal generate a list of my department or group's publications?


SciVal is a research benchmarking tool produced by Elsevier.  Its purpose is to allow comparisons among individuals/groups/institutions worldwide using recent data such as publication number and citation count.  Groups or departments can be created within SciVal using individual data ("author profiles") and export of recent (last 5 years) data is possible.  Please contact one of the guide creators if you are interested in using this feature.

Note:  Not all publications by an author will be included in this analysis using SciVal.  Data are populated from Scopus (Elsevier) so any publication not indexed in Scopus will not be part of the analysis.