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How Do I Prototype Using Design Thinking Principles

Learn to use design thinking to develop and test your ideas

Web-Based Design Thinking Tools

Helpful tools available in Microsoft Office 365:

  • Planner - Sort To Dos into buckets, assign them to team members with deadlines, mark as complete
  • Whiteboard - Sketch out ideas
  • Teams - Collaborate with team members
  • OneNote - Share files and edit with collaborators in real time
  • More - Explore the full list on and see what works best for you

Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • Learn how to access programs through
  • Spark - create quick visuals with templates
  • XD - prototyping tool for desktop, not compatible with all work computers
  • Dimension - Produce concept images of 3D models with texture and lighting
  • Illustrator - Good for making scalable vector images for icons, diagrams etc.


  • Tinkercad -, robust tool for beginner 3D modelling
  • Padlet -, Brainstorming tool similar to digital post its
  • -, "Paper prototyping" tool
  • Twine -, Create playable branching scenarios

Online Collaboration:

  • Zoom - Breakout rooms, screen sharing, whiteboard 
  • Teams - Posts, chat, file sharing and live document editing, calls
  • Google - Shared documents, polls/forms, "jamboards" etc.