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How Do I Use EndNote and EndNote Online

Information and tips to getting the most out of EndNote and EndNote Web.

About EndNote Online

EndNote Online is offered for FREE by Penn State and is an online service that allows you to store, share and organize your citations so that you can access them from any computer. By installing the Microsoft Word plugin, you can cite references from your library and automatically create your bibliography as you write.


Setting Up Your Free EndNote Online Account

Penn State users have access to all citation style formats and other additional features through our subscription to Web of Science.

Go to WHILE YOU ARE ON THE CAMPUS NETWORK and follow the instructions to create your EndNote Web account or follow these instructions to log in through the Web of Science database:

Go to the library website:
Log into Web of Science with your PSU ID and password
Click the "sign in" link at the top of the screen
Click Register
Create an account

You can then log into EndNote online( from any computer for up to a year before you need to authenticate again through Web of Science or from a Penn State computer.  (Creating your account will allow the vendor to recognize your Penn State affiliation, giving you access to the maximum amount of output styles (3000+ available to Penn Staters but only ~10 available to others)). 

DOWNLOAD CITE WHILE YOU WRITE PLUG-IN: After creating your account, download and install the Cite While You Write (CWYW) plug-in, then check Microsoft Word to see that you have an Endnote Web tab.  If you are on a workstation that already has EndNote Desktop, you do not need to install the CWYW plug-in. You may install this free plug-in on every computer you use for writing.

ACCESS TO FULL-TEXT ARTICLES: If you use EndNote Web on a Penn State campus network, you will see a blue "Get It" button next to every reference in your library. If the article is available through Penn State University Libraries, clicking the Get It button will lead you to the full-text.


Using Cite While You Write

Cite While You Write in EndNote Web operates the same way as in EndNote, except that:

  • In Word's EndNote toolbar, you must first select the "Cite While You Write preferences" option
  • Click the Application tab
  • Change from EndNote to EndNote Web if necessary.
  • Enter your personally-created account information in the email address and password fields.
  • In the URL enter: and click OK.
  • Now, follow the same instructions in the Cite While You Write page elsewhere on this HarrellGuide. 

MAC USERS: you may receive the following error code when trying to open Endnote Web in Word 2008 or 2011 - "Cannot find a copy of EndNote to launch. Error code is 10814" 

          Please follow the instructions below:

          1. Open Word.

          2. Go to the "Tools" menu, choose "EndNote" and select "Cite While You Write Preferences."

          3. Here, go to the "Applications" tab and select EndNote Web. Enter your registered username and password for your EndNote Web account.

          4. Click OK,  then restart Word and try using the tools again.