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How Do I Showcase My Career Online?



ResearchGate is a scientific research networking platform for researchers to share knowledge, expertise and research, including publications.


Features of ResearchGate
Features Limitations
  • Scientific professional site
  • Can "follow" people in your network; finds co-authors for you
  • Can post questions
  • Find job opportunities
  • Multiple stats including profile views, article reads, citations, etc.
  • Open on the web
  • Sends emails with updates
  • Provides space to include a personal narrative to describe research interests 
  • Allows export of data to create CV
  • Addition of non-article scholarly output like computer code, intellectual property, negative results
  • RG has access to full text articles where the user may or may not have the right to post them; review your publication agreement before posting anything online!
  • Emails from system make people question the legitimacy of the site
  • How do they calculate their stats?

Visit the ResearchGate website to create an account.