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How Do I Create My Own Video?

Learn to produce and publish your own video using the Harrell Health Sciences Library's One Button Studio and Post-Production Macs

Recording Your Video Using the One Button Studio

Recording your video is easy at the Harrell Health Sciences Library with the One Button Studio. The OBS features an HD video and audio recording setup, a green screen, a projector, a teleprompter, a light board, and an iMac.

To start using the OBS, reserve it by going to the Harrell Health Sciences Library homepage using the link below, and then scrolling to the bottom of the page. Make sure to select the "Consultation" option if you would like some help from the Educational Technology Specialist to get started with the equipment, answer questions about the editing software, or help with publishing the video.

Once you are in the OBS, recording is easy: 

  1. Plug in your thumb drive and wait a few seconds for the lights to turn on and the computer screen to tell you to press the button.
  2. Press the space bar, and you should see a 5 second count down.
  3. After you have completed the recording, press the space bar again and you should see "Recording complete. It is safe to remove your flash drive." Do not remove the thumb drive until you see this message.

Helpful resources when using the OBS:

Recording with the Green Screen

Though we refer to it as a "green screen," the OBS green screen can be a blue screen as well. A gray screen will be hanging in the back of the OBS, and will reflect green light or blue light back to the camera.

Green screen in the One Button Studio



The green screen can be turned on by sliding the switch, located by Mac, to the left (for the green light) or right (for the blue light).

Green screen switch in One Button Studio

Using the Teleprompter

  1. Turn on the teleprompter using the teleprompter remote, and log on to the Post-Production Mac in the OBS.
  2. Using the Post-Production Mac in the OBS, locate the ProPrompter program in the Launchpad (rocket icon).
  3. Within ProPrompter, copy and paste your script or upload a Word document. 
  4. Click on the Play button and the script should start scrolling. (The speed and size of the font can be adjusted using the settings at the top of the window.)

Using the Light Board

If you want to use the light board, you will need to move it in front of the camera. To move the light board, please ask for assistance from the library staff. The light board will need to be plugged in to an outlet before you can use the controls for the light and adjusting the height. Markers are available on the ledge of the board, as well as in the top drawer of the cabinet.