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How Do I Create My Own Video?

Learn to produce and publish your own video using the Harrell Health Sciences Library's One Button Studio and Post-Production Macs

Explore Content and Copyright

Adding content to your multimedia project is often done to help visualize an example, add emotional appeal, provide multiple perspectives to an issue, change the background image, or even add sound to different sections. Knowing where to find and use support media created by others is more time efficient than it is to create your own support media. However, when it comes to using work created by others, it's important to know whether or not you are violating copyright law. Understanding intellectual property issues is far from straight forward, but understanding the basics will help you find media to use and protect and share your own work. 

Finding Creative Commons Licensed Materials

When searching for Creative Commons Licensed Materials, be sure to understand the license granted by the creator to ensure you are properly citing sources and providing appropriate credit.

Here are few places to search for audio, images, and videos that are Creative Commons Licensed Materials:


In order for your multimedia to be accessible, it means that all people can experience it as it is intended to be viewed or listened to. To be accessible your video should have closed captions and transcripts. See the links below for information on how to add captions to a video.