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Point of Care (EBM) Tools

Need Answers to Your Clinical Questions?

I Need:

Information Sources to Consider:


Summary of best practice
recommendations for a disease or condition


 Essential Evidence

Nursing Reference Center


What are current treatment guidelines for depression?

Differential diagnoses for symptoms

• Diagnosaurus​

What are the probable diagnoses for
hypercalcemia in a child?
What should be ruled out first for
chronic cough in an older adult?

Background information on a disease
or condition

Current Diagnosis and Treatment
Harrison’s Online

I have a new patient with lupus and I
need to learn about it.

Drug information

Micromedex (Includes DrugDex Evaluations)

*See the Drug Information Guide for more resources

What are the potential interactions
between Drug A and Drug B?

An answer to a focused clinical question
that I can’t find in synthesis resources

CINAHL (Nursing info)
Cochrane Library

PubMed Clinical Queries
TRIP database

What is the bleeding risk with antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy?

Evidence-based information
about diagnostic tests

• JAMAEvidence>Rational Clinical Exam

What is the sensitivity and specificity
of prenatal screening tests for Down

Evidence-based information
about alternative therapies

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
PubMed Clinical Queries

What drugs interact with grapefruit

Information for my patient

 Dynamed>Patient Information

Where can I find information on
management of COPD to share with
my newly-diagnosed patient?


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