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How Do I Maintain My Bibliography?

What are Author Identifiers?


Author identifiers are unique identifiers (numbers and/or letters) that distinguish one researcher from another as well as associating themselves with their work or other research output. 

Researchers may not receive all of the credit they have earned due to author ambiguity.  Identifiers can assist in cases such as:

  • having a common name
  • publishing under different names or with and without a middle initial
  • name changes

ORCID, ResearcherID and ScopusID are among the most common identifiers.  ORCID and ResearcherID are discussed elsewhere in this guide. ScopusIDs are utilized in Elsevier's Scopus and Pure platforms.  Penn State faculty can locate their ScopusID on the Penn State Pure platform. A researcher who published in a journal indexed by Scopus likely has a ScopusID.  Scopus provides a lookup tool to find this information.  Please contact the guide creators with questions on using author identifiers.