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How Do I Maintain My Bibliography?



My NCBI is a service of the National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health.  Additional features of this tool outside of aggregating publications include creating a link to publications for NIH grants, saving literature searches from PubMed or other NCBI products, and setting alerts for research topics of interest.


Features of My NCBI



  • Although most people use My NCBI to capture publications in PubMed, non-PubMed journal articles as well as other materials including books and patents can be manually entered into the profile.
  • Publications and scholarly output entered in My Bibliography section of My NCBI
  • Can make profile public
  • Follows researchers throughout their careers; not an internal Penn State system.
  • Proxy can manage account
  • No research networking capabilities
  • No citation metrics (e.g. number of times a paper has been cited in the literature)

Using My NCBI is straightforward.  The first step is to log in.  Starting June 1, 2021, you will no longer be able to use direct login to NCBI accounts.  You must log in via a third party login such as institution (PSU), eRA Commons or ORCiD  The second step is to populate your profile with publications from PubMed or manually if they are not in PubMed.  During the second step you make your My Bibliography public and will be provided with a URL.  This URL can be shared with others or used in grant applications to display your publications.

Step 1:  Account creation and login FAQ.

Step 2:  Populate My Bibliography 

Step 3: Using MyNCBI and customizing features