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How Do I Maintain My Bibliography?

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Publications and Research Output - About this Guide

This guide was designed to introduce authors and administrators to tools that they can use to aggregate their research publications and scholarly work. Research output is often described by measuring number of publications or other scholarly contributions, number of times a paper has been cited or other indicators. 

Total number of publications or other scholarly contributions a researcher has produced is a traditional measure of research output.  There are many resources to assist with this process, each with their unique strengths and limitations. Below are tools available to Penn State researchers to facilitate capturing and maintaining research output.

Click on the tool you are interested in from the table or use the tabs on the left for more information and instructions on setting up profiles.

Tools for Following Publications

Table showing tools available
What features are you looking for?... My NCBI Logo


Penn State Pure Researcher ID Logo
Measures impact (calculating h-index & tracking citation counts)
Proxy can maintain    
Show co-author network      
Automatic updating of new publications    
Can include scholarly output beyond journal articles (e.g. datasets, book chapters)